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Brain Tumour Research is backing The Neurological Alliance’s 1 in 6 campaign, calling on governments across the UK to prioritise services for people living with or affected by neurological conditions.

The Neurological Alliance recently conducted a national survey to gain an understanding of the care, treatment, and support experienced by people with neurological conditions. This year, more than 8,500 people shared their experiences, including people with brain tumours. And for the first time, the survey ran across all four nations of the UK.

The report highlights the challenges faced getting the right information at diagnosis, the right support for mental health and wellbeing, and receiving timely specialist support. In some instances, opportunities “to slow or stop progression of a condition, to avoid harm to themselves or others and to maintain financial wellbeing are being missed – and with catastrophic consequences.”

As a member of The Neurological Alliance, we are urging the UK governments to prioritise services for people with neurological conditions and establish a Neuro Taskforce. Governments across the UK must increase levels of investment in research into the causes, impacts and possible cures of neurological conditions and set out plans to level up investment in areas, such as brain tumour research, which do not receive a fair share currently. Urgent change is needed now, and only this will help to tip the scales to improve clinical outcomes for brain tumour patients.

Sign the Neurological Alliance’s petition today and demand change.

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