We are going to Do Lunch! And everyone is invited.

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Brain Tumour Research is once again celebrating the summer season and encouraging everyone to get together with friends and family to Do Lunch! whilst fundraising for sustainable research that will help us get closer to a cure for brain tumours.

Whether you are able to meet up with another household or celebrating with loved ones from afar, we’ve got lots of ideas to help you plan a great foodie event.

The coronavirus pandemic means that our plans this year will probably look a bit different but no matter where you live, how young your children or old your grandparents are, how safe you feel or how anxious you remain, we can still get together at various virtual or physical events this summer. It’s a great way of staying in touch with family and friends old and new as we all help to feed vital research.

We can help with all the ingredients you need to make your event a success and all you need to do to get the ball rolling is to sign up and start planning.

We’ve got just the recipe to help you create a great event whether you’re planning an elaborate picnic, a socially-distanced afternoon tea, a family BBQ or a virtual pizza, go ahead and download your free fundraising pack.

Whichever way you decide to go, don’t forget to set up a fundraising page and share it with everyone you know – the wider you share and the more folks you reach the greater your fundraising will be.

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