UK governments urged to protect cancer patients during ‘second wave’

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Brain Tumour Research has joined forces with other cancer leaders to demand that UK governments ensure there are no further delays to essential cancer tests and treatments. 

As COVID-19 cases rise, we have joined fifty charities and top doctors calling on leaders to protect cancer patients in a letter which urges governments to back the NHS and invest in cancer care, not only to get services back on their feet but to transform cancer care in the UK.

The letter states: “COVID-19 has made the challenge ahead tougher. Millions were left waiting for screening and thousands went without a referral for tests. Over 30,000 fewer people started their treatment and most cancer clinical trials were paused. NHS staff have worked tirelessly to give the best care possible, and the situation is improving, but they need more support.”

The letter sets out the action that must be taken to ensure there are no further delays to essential cancer diagnoses, treatment and clinical trials, including “safe spaces” for cancer patients, frequent testing for NHS staff and measures to maximise service capacity.

It concludes that: “The UK Government’s spending review is an opportunity to put your weight behind your commitments, and give the NHS what it needs to provide the best cancer care – and for the devolved governments to do the same.

“People affected by cancer have already suffered terribly as a result of this pandemic. We’re asking you to act now to uphold your ambition to improve cancer survival across our four nations.”

You can read the letter in full here.

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