Survey asks how pandemic has affected people with rarer cancers

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Cancer 52 is conducting a survey of people with rare and less common cancers and their experiences during the coronavirus crisis. Despite the fact that 55% of UK cancer deaths are from rare and less common cancers these cancers remain severely under represented and under-funded across all areas, including policy, services and research. Brain Tumour Research is proud to be a member of Cancer 52, an alliance of nearly 100 organisations working to address this inequality and improve outcomes for patients with these highly challenging diseases.

The survey results will help us to understand how the Covid-19 crisis has affected people with rare and less common cancers particularly on topics like treatment and support; any issues around shielding and anxieties, concerns and hopes for the future. A full summary of results will be shared with Cancer 52 members and this information will be used in discussions with the Government, the NHS and industry to continue to push for the best possible care and treatment for people with rare and less common cancers in all circumstances.

Access the survey here to take part. Please note the deadline for completion is Monday 29 June.

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