Side effects include increase in foot size for supporter Jay

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Brain tumours, whether low-grade or high-grade, can leave patients with a bewildering range of long-lasting and life-changing effects.

Jay Cramb, 42, who lives in Glasgow, has been working with Brain Tumour Research to share his story which has been picked up by media in Scotland and reveals that his feet have grown three sizes as a result of medication.

In 2015 Jay, a keen rock climber, was diagnosed with a craniopharyngioma, a brain tumour which occurs above the pituitary gland and often has a profound effect on a patient’s hormones. He takes a range of medications which have not only resulted in him putting on 10 stone in weight, going from 15 to 25 stone, but also has seen his feet grow from a size 12 to a size 15. Jay has been told that his shoe size is very unlikely to change back to normal.

Jay said: “Being a size 15 makes it difficult to find shoes that fit! I regularly have endocrine appointments to try and get the dosage levels right and I have to admit that although I am normally a gregarious and very positive person, I do have some quiet, dark moments now and again.”

Shocked at the underfunding of research into brain tumours, Jay, a sports and remedial massage therapist, is using his professional expertise to raise funds. He is asking people to donate to his JustGiving page with every £5 donated converted into one ticket in a prize draw to win a range of free sport and remedial treatment sessions at his Ridgestone Physical clinic in Glasgow. 

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