Self-help book launches for brain tumour patients

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A brain tumour survivor has published a book to help people recovering from the disease.

Claire Bullimore, 36, has launched her second book, ‘Brain Tumour Recovery Journal’, which reveals the essential tips and information Claire picked up on her own brain tumour journey, after she was diagnosed with the disease in 2008. Doctors discovered Claire had an intraventricular meningioma when she was 25, after years of suffering from severe headaches. She underwent brain surgery, had to give up her driving licence and a career in the city.

Blogger and podcaster Claire said: “I wanted to create a simple guide, incorporating mindfulness, which provides patients with the survival skills required to navigate life after a brain operation. I know from my own experience how scary brain surgery is and the period following the operation was tough. Now I am further down the road, I wanted to produce a relatable journal, which I hope will enhance people’s lives.”

The handbag-sized book is full of helpful checklists, daily reminders for medication, and a calendar encouraging readers to make every day count. The journal is aimed not only at patients but also their loved ones, who can gain a better understanding of how to support someone diagnosed with a brain tumour.

We are really grateful for Claire for helping to raise awareness of brain tumours and we wish her all the success for her new book

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