Sector press reflects difficult time for charities

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This week the third sector (which encompasses charities and voluntary organisations) media has continued to reflect the crisis facing UK charities. Headlines have included “More than 5,000 charity jobs have been lost due to the pandemic,” “Research spending could take more than four years to return to normal” and “Seven in 10 charities could make redundancies in next year”

We asked our Interim Director of Fundraising Matt Smith to comment on this and he told us – “Obviously this continues to be a difficult time for the sector, and in particular for research funding charities. We have already announced our restructure and feel that this makes us leaner and even more focused, meaning we are well placed, even in the current climate, to push ahead with our goals to fund dedicated world-class brain tumour research. Our petition announced this week clearly sets out our ambitions both in terms of research funding and campaigning, and I urge our supporters to sign and share – through determination and positive action we can mitigate the effects of the pandemic on Brain Tumour Research."

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