Research jeopardy highlighted in social media campaign

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Today the Association of Medical Research Charities (AMRC) is launching a social media campaign to highlight the jeopardy facing UK research funding charities due to the pandemic.

Brain Tumour Research is proud to be part of the AMRC, a coalition of 140 UK research funding charities, and we are fully supportive of the campaign.

Infographics using new figures show that medical research charity sector is projecting an average 41% decrease in their medical research spend over the next year, leaving a £310 million shortfall.

It will take approximately 4.5 years for this spend to return to normal levels.

This is time we simply cannot afford to lose.

During this time, there will be less funding to support researchers, NHS staff, patient communities and research that saves and improves lives.

The data for this campaign has been derived from surveys conducted among the AMRC membership.

We have drawn attention to the current precarious position before and agree with the campaign when it shouts that #ResearchAtRisk

There is more about the campaign on the AMRC website here.

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