Report calls for tailored psychological support for cancer patients

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A new report from All.Can UK is calling on policy makers, the Government, the NHS, patient organisations and industry to place the psychological wellbeing of people with cancer on an equal footing to physical health.

The report investigates why some people with cancer are not receiving adequate support for the mental health impact of their disease and the action needed to overcome this. It also notes that COVID-19 has placed untold pressure on cancer services across the UK and has significantly impacted the psychological wellbeing of people with cancer.

All.Can is a global initiative which brings together experts in cancer care to work collaboratively to ensure policy decisions are focused on what matters most to patients. In the UK, All.Can is driven by a working group of leading health charities and biopharmaceutical companies with a shared ambition for people with cancer to receive world class, patient-centred care that is sustainable for the NHS to deliver. The working group is governed by an elected steering committee, which in 2021 will be comprised of The Patients Association as Chair, Melanoma UK, Brain Tumour Research and Funding Partners, Bristol Myers Squibb (BMS) and MSD.

We are very proud to be a part of All.Can UK and fully support the #CancerOutOfSightNotOutOfMind campaign to improve the lives of people living with, and beyond, cancer and ensure that every patient receives tailored, holistic care that supports their whole being.

The All.Can UK report: ‘Placing the psychological wellbeing of people with cancer on equal footing to physical health’ can be accessed here.

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