Remembering William on Walk of Hope

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A mum and daughter are preparing to take part in a Walk of Hope for Brain Tumour Research to honour a young man who lost his life to the disease.

Michaela Gunn and her daughter Autumn-Rose Gunn-Day are organising their own Walk of Hope on Saturday 24th September. They are walking inspired by their much-loved son and brother, William Day, who died in April 2017 at the age of 29, just 11 months after being diagnosed with a glioblastoma (GBM).

The location of the tumour rendered it inoperable, but William did have radiotherapy and chemotherapy. He spent the last six weeks of his life in hospital and died with his mum beside him.

Michaela is diabetic and has arthritis in her back, which makes walking difficult, but she is determined not to stop until she has reached at least 30,000 steps.

She said: “I’ve only got to 20,000 steps before so I know the last 10,000 of this will be a challenge but I also know we’ll do it because it’s for William so nothing’s going to stop us.

“More needs to be done to fund research into brain tumours to help others like my William. It’s a devastating disease that’s severely underfunded.”

There’s still time to get involved and help us make this our biggest Walk of Hope yet! Join one of our organised walks dotted across the UK or do it yourself and get all your loved ones involved.

However you get involved, please step forward to help us get closer to a cure for brain tumours.

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