Nayfil’s walking to help find a cure

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A woman is planning a Walk of Hope after her terrifying diagnosis with a brain tumour.

Nayfil Hussein was diagnosed with a medulloblastoma in June 2019 and underwent an 11-hour surgery to remove the tumour. The cancer had also spread to Nayfil’s spine so, in September 2019, she began seven weeks of intense radiotherapy, which caused severe side effects, including seizures, nausea, fatigue and weight loss.

Motivated by her own dreadful experience, Nayfil is taking part in a Walk of Hope to raise funds for Brain Tumour Research. Along with her husband Paul (pictured with Nayfil during her treatment), she is organising a five-hour circular walk around Hampstead Heath in North London.

Nayfil said: “As well as raising money, I want to help increase awareness of the disease and to give something back. For me, it will be a real physical challenge. Before my diagnosis, I climbed Mount Snowdon but since finding out I had a brain tumour, I’ve lost a lot of fitness. I want to get back to being active and this walk will hopefully help me get these and will mark another key milestone on my long road to recovery.”

With a week to go until we step forward to find a cure for brain tumours, there’s not long left to sign up and plan your own Walk of Hope.

Click here to register to receive your FREE emoji t-shirt and join the thousands of supporters taking part on Saturday 25th September and raising vital funds to get us closer to a cure for this devastating disease.

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