Media plays key role as we work to find a cure

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Local and regional media play a crucial role as Brain Tumour Research works to increase the national investment in research to improve patient outcomes and, ultimately, find a cure for brain tumours.

Our PR team works with those affected by the disease across the UK in order to help them share their stories on TV and radio, in newspapers, magazines and online. Every month, millions of people see these reports. Here are just a few of our supporters whose stories have hit the headlines in the last few weeks:

Katie Wilkinson (pictured) was in the late stages of pregnancy when she was diagnosed; baby Milo was induced so she could begin treatment for a stage three anaplastic astrocytoma. Her story has been featured in regional newspapers across the UK including titles in Yorkshire, Cheshire, Bristol, Devon, Nottingham and also the national platform Yahoo News.

Ben Hurd is living with a grade four glioblastoma multiforme. He spoke out about his concerns over accessing treatment during the coronavirus pandemic and his story was featured by the Daily Mail and ITV Calendar as his local media in Yorkshire.

Catherine Wilcockson, who was originally prescribed anti-depressants to treat symptoms which turned out to be a brain tumour, also shared her inspiring story this month having been given positive news one year on from her diagnosis. Her story was published in her hometown of Sheffield as well as in the Metro, and the Daily Star.

Like charities and many other organisations, local papers are struggling because of the financial impact of Covid-19. Brain Tumour Research is proud to work with regional media across the UK and grateful for everything that journalists are doing to help us raise awareness of this devastating disease which kills more children and adults under the age of 40 than any other cancer.

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