“Is cancer fundraising fuelling quackery?”

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An article published today by the British Medical Journal (BMJ) was entitled “Is cancer fundraising fuelling quackery?”

It details how crowdfunding for alternative cancer therapies has soared in recent years and began a conversation on the fear that it has also opened up a new and lucrative revenue stream for cranks, charlatans, and con men who prey on the vulnerable.

We share these concerns.

Of course, we are striving for a reality where all suitable patients are able to be included in official clinical trials but we recognise that independent funding is often driven by a lack of patient treatment options.

This, in turn, is driven by a lack of research funding and we will continue to fund research and to campaign for a further increase in national research investment.

However, we do not believe that all privately-funded treatment is quackery.

Clinicians are driven to providing these bespoke treatments because they are hampered by limited options.

Going forwards, robust regulation is clearly required, as is patient protection from false hope and ill-informed decision-making that can lead to financial ruin as well as crushing disappointment

For specialist clinical patient information on treatment options The Brain Tumour Research charity signposts patients and their families to our sister charity brainstrust – its website is www.brainstrust.org.uk

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