Government announces early career researchers funding allocations

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The Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy has today published information on the GOV.UK website announcing that Government will make £20 million available for early career researchers supported by charities.
At Brain Tumour Research we welcome this news with the proviso that this amounts to only a small step on the journey towards the adequate funding for medical research, including site specific research into areas such as brain tumours, that is so desperately needed.

The continued strength of the charity-funded medical research sector remains under threat.

Brain tumours pre-date the pandemic and will exist in our post-vaccinated world. The need for appropriate research funding to bring us closer to clinical innovations, and an improvement to patient options and outcomes, is a constant one.

Research gives hope and that hopes funds research but, as we have always been clear, charities need governmental support too.

So, we are grateful that even a limited sum has been found to support some charity funded early career researchers and await the detail about how the funds will be made available.

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