GBM patient launches cancer podcast

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A patient is using a new podcast series to explore what it is like to live with brain cancer.

Martin Heaney has launched Chatty Guy Talks Cancer, Care and Hope, a podcast in which he explores life following his diagnosis. In conversation with inspiring individuals, topics explored in the first two episodes include learning to live with cancer, faith, cancer care and the wider impact of a diagnosis.

Martin was diagnosed with a glioblastoma multiforme (GBM) in November last year after he banged his head and, on the advice of friends, went to A&E. He underwent brain surgery a few weeks later, followed by radiotherapy and is currently undergoing chemotherapy.

He said: “My situation brings up all kinds of things and not all of them are negative. Yes, I have to rethink my life but I’m interested in the wider conversation around dealing with a life-constraining illness and the positives that can be found in that and making positive life choices.

“I’m also interested in being a long-term survivor and I’d like to be an advocate for that and get more actively involved in research looking at the quality of life for people like me.

“I’m feeling more creative than I have in years and am excited about what will come next, which I will continue to share through my podcasts.”

To listen to Martin’s podcast, visit

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