“Everything That Makes Us Human - Case Notes of a Children’s Brain Surgeon” released today

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Today sees the release of “Everything That Makes Us Human - Case Notes of a Children’s Brain Surgeon” by Jay Jayamohan (pictured), Consultant Paediatric Neurosurgeon at the John Radcliffe Hospital.

Some of you may already be aware of this book as it has had extensive pre-release coverage on television and in the Daily Mail and The Times. This coverage is truly well deserved and we are very honoured to have read a pre-release copy of this essential book. Clearly much of Mr Jayamohan’s work is tumour related and the book is riven through with compassion and humanity and one feels at the end that Mr Jayamohan is a man we would trust our most precious next of kin with. It is enlightening and inspiring and we were pleased to speak to Jay ahead of the book launch and he told us;

“New techniques and new interventions in paediatric neurosurgery are only enabled through research. My work into understanding the complexities of tackling childhood brain tumours needs us  to continue to expand our understanding of the disease and this is only going to happen through an increased investment into brain tumour research I can only treat the patients who come to me in my lifetime, but research will help generations to come”

“Everything That Makes Us Human” joins our recommended reading list without hesitation. It is highly commended and available on Amazon.

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