Coronavirus threatens nine-year-old’s lifeline brain tumour treatment

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There has been widespread media coverage about a nine-year-old’s lifeline brain tumour treatment which is under threat because of the coronavirus pandemic.

National platforms including MSN UK are reporting on the plight of Eva Williams, from Wrexham, who was diagnosed with a high-grade diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma (DIPG) two months ago. The survival prognosis for this type of brain tumour – the deadliest type of childhood cancer – is eight to 12 months.

Eva has undergone radiotherapy and her family has been told there are no further treatment options on the NHS. Desperate to help their daughter, Eva’s parents Paul Slapa and Carran Williams are crowdfunding to raise the £250,000 needed for private treatment in New York City, US.

Despite already raising more than £190,000 in just over a week, coronavirus has put Eva’s potentially last treatment option under jeopardy, due to international travel restrictions.

Paul said: “It’s unimaginable to think that the coronavirus pandemic could mean Eva is unable to have this lifeline treatment. We’ve already raised so much, with help from celebrities backing our campaign including Matt Lucas and Jacqueline Wilson, and we cannot bear the thought of not being able to spend this on Eva’s treatment.

“We are really struggling with the amount of uncertainty. Many people who are supporting Eva’s fundraiser have had to cancel fundraising events because of coronavirus and the outbreak has come at the worst possible time for our family.

“Carran and I have been overwhelmed by the donations we have received so far and are very grateful to all those who have donated. We can only hope coronavirus doesn’t destroy one of our last options to save our little girl.”

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