Chair of APPGBT calls for research funding

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At a Westminster Hall debate yesterday Derek Thomas MP, Chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on brain tumours (APPGBT), emphasised to fellow MPs the need for funding into brain tumour research.

The debate was called by Daniel Zeichner MP and was looking at the “Future of research and development funding”.

Derek said: “We have developed the COVID vaccine through proper funding and a reduction in logistics and bulky infrastructure. Brain tumours predate COVID and their lethal threat will remain when the vaccine has reduced COVID mortality rates.”

He added that “public funding for research is critical if we are to offer hope to brain tumour sufferers” and that “without new discovery science, the outlook for patients with brain tumours is very bleak.”

Derek concluded: “It is critical in this month of March (Brain Tumour Awareness Month) and as we go forward to make sure that adequate funding is going into research so that we can find the correct way to treat and cure those who have a brain tumour diagnosis.”

In response, Amanda Solloway MP, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State at the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, said that the Government “recognises the importance of research into such devastating conditions.”

The brain tumour community is very fortunate to have so fierce a parliamentary advocate as Derek Thomas.

The full debate, including Derek’s contribution, can be read on Hansard here.

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