Brain tumour survivor suiting up for Santa Dash

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A woman who was diagnosed with a brain tumour whilst pregnant is taking on a Santa Dash to raise funds to help find a cure for the disease.

Carrie-Ann Greenwood, 31, was diagnosed with a golf ball-sized pituitary tumour in May 2016 when she was 36 weeks pregnant with her first baby. She underwent an emergency caesarean section to deliver her daughter Cerys, followed by brain tumour surgery just days later.

After a scan revealed some regrowth in the tumour, Carrie-Ann underwent a course of radiotherapy to try to shrink the tumour and prevent any further regrowth.

Now, Carrie-Ann is set to take on a Santa Dash to raise money to help find a cure for the disease. She and her brother Aaron (pictured), will be running shuttles along a section of the Wales Coastal Path.

Carrie-Ann said: “Aaron will be wearing his Santa onesie and I’ll be looking for something similar to match! We are both committed to the cause of funding research into brain tumours. My own experience taught me just how drastically underfunded this area of cancer research is. I count myself as one of the lucky ones because my tumour was low-grade and treatable but I know too many others are not so fortunate. I want to do my bit to help them and their loved ones.”

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