Brain Tumour Research supporting today’s UK Paediatric Brain Tumour Symposium

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The UK Paediatric Brain Tumour Symposium is taking place in Nottingham today. Organised by our partner charity brainstrust, Brain Tumour Research is delighted to be supporting this sold-out event. The Children’s Brain Tumour Research Centre, based in Nottingham, and Children with Cancer UK are also partnering with brainstrust.

Attendees of the symposium will hear presentations with subjects varying from the role of cannabidiols and the ketogenic diet in brain tumour treatment, to physiotherapy and rehabilitation as well as from parents and patients sharing their own experiences.

Our Head of Stakeholder Relations Hugh Adams will be talking about collaborating for change and how working together as a collective voice for the brain tumour community  will aid us because, ultimately, we all want the same result  - wholesale improvements for those diagnosed with a brain tumour.

He said: “I really welcome this opportunity to pass on some of the things I have learned about campaigning over the past nine years but an event like this is so much about listening too. We need to understand what people’s brain tumour experiences are if we are to be advocates and to take the patient voice to those in power where real change can be effected.”

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