Brain tumour patient summits Snowdon twice in one day

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A man living with an aggressive brain tumour has climbed Snowdon twice in 24 hours to raise funds to help find a cure for the disease.

Dan Braiden was first diagnosed with a glioblastoma multiforme (GBM) two years ago, aged 29, having already survived testicular cancer a year previously. He underwent an awake craniotomy followed by radiotherapy. Devastatingly Dan, now 31, was told in March that his grade 4 GBM had recurred and he has resumed chemotherapy treatment.

On Friday, Dan and his dad, Shane Braiden, took on a double ascent and descent of Snowdon. Despite difficult weather conditions, they covered a total distance of 16 miles and climbed a height of 1,085 metres twice over.

Dan said: “It was a horrible blow to hear the tumour had come back, particularly as it came after the last of my three-monthly scans before I was due to go onto six-monthly MRIs and was a complete shock because I hadn’t experienced any symptoms. I am now on PCV chemotherapy, a combination of procarbazine, CCNU (lomustine) and vincristine to give me more time.

“I am delighted to have raised more than £2,000 to help fund vital research. I know it won’t help me, but it would be good to think that scientists working now will find more effective treatments and ultimately a cure for brain tumours, bringing hope to future patients and their families.”

To donate to support Dan’s amazing efforts, please click here to visit his Facebook fundraiser.

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