Baby Harry is making the headlines

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Baby Harry Blake may only be a few weeks old but he’s already making the headlines. Proud parents Steve and Becky Blake welcomed the handsome little chap into their lives last month. Now Steve, a Staff Sergeant in the British Army, is sharing his story of hope and celebrating the arrival a year after finishing treatment for a meningioma brain tumour.

Steve, 37, was diagnosed two years ago and has since undergone surgery and radiotherapy. The birth of Harry Oliver Thomas Blake on 15 September was extra special for the couple as they feared radiotherapy treatment could have left Steve infertile.

Their news is featured in the Daily Echo after Steve worked with Brain Tumour Research to share his story of hope.

Steve told the paper: “Going through such a terrifying experience which made me question the certainty of my future made the arrival of Harry extra special. He’s a handsome chap, weighing 8lb 8oz at birth and Becky and I are already besotted with him. He’s a ray of sunshine in what has been a turbulent few years.”

We wish the family all the very best.

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