Amani stars in brain tumour documentary

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A young brain tumour patient and passionate campaigner stars in a short documentary to raise awareness of the disease.

Amani Liaquat was diagnosed with a glioblastoma multiforme (GBM) after collapsing at home on her 22nd birthday in April 2020. Since her diagnosis, she has campaigned for greater funding into research to find a cure.

Amani has worked closely with Brain Tumour Research, starring in our Stop the Devastation campaign and setting up the Fight4Hope Fundraising Group with her family. She has also launched her own podcast, Chat2Amani, where she speaks about her experiences with the disease and recently interviewed popstar and fellow GBM patient Tom Parker.

Now, she has worked with Salford filmmaker Tayyebah Fatahi-Kassili on a short documentary that sees Amani and her parents, Yasmin and Khuram, talking openly about her brain tumour journey.

In the film, Amani talks about why she is so determined to raise awareness and how she hopes her legacy will help others. She said: “It might be too late for me, but what about other families? I’m not the first person to be diagnosed with a cancerous brain tumour and I won’t be the last.

“If I can be involved and if something positive can come out of this, whatever happens, then at least I’m leaving something good behind.”

Watch the short documentary below:

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