Amani’s legacy brings hope

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Nearly £100,000 is being donated to Brain Tumour Research to help find a cure in memory of 23-year-old Amani Liaquat.

Amani was diagnosed with glioblastoma (GBM) on her 22nd birthday in April 2020. She died in February this year, six weeks before singer Tom Parker, with whom she formed a close friendship because of their shared diagnosis and interviewed on her podcast, Chat2Amani.

A passionate supporter of Brain Tumour Research, Amani was an integral part of our #BrainTumourPetition and Stop the Devastation campaigns. She also set up the Fight4Hope fundraising group and organising Luton’s first ever Walk of Hope.

Her efforts, and that of those she inspired to fundraise, have raised more than £54,000.

In the hope of helping others, Amani’s parents, Yasmin Stannard and Khuram Liaquat, have also generously gifted £40,000 from the remaining crowdfunding donations not used for her treatment.

Later this year they will visit our Centre of Excellence at Queen Mary University of London alongside Amani’s sisters Ruqayyah and Maleehah and other family members, where the near £100,000 they have donated will fund vital work to help find a cure.

Yasmin said: “Amani loved being involved in campaigning and raising awareness about the lack of research into brain cancer research. It brought purpose and focus to her darkest days and gave her something to focus on outside of herself and her own problems. Many times she could be heard saying 'it might be too late for me but I want to make a change for others'.

“We were overwhelmed to receive so many crowdfunding donations and will always be grateful for everyone’s kindness and generosity in helping us access treatment for Amani abroad. We hope that by gifting what is left to Brain Tumour Research will ensure others facing the same diagnosis will have a different outcome in the future.”

To support Fight4Hope’s fundraising, please donate via the Group’s JustGiving page:

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