Amani’s exclusive interview with Tom Parker

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The Wanted singer Tom Parker has spoken openly about his brain tumour diagnosis in an exclusive interview with Brain Tumour Research campaigner and fundraiser Amani Liaquat.

The powerful 40-minute interview is the latest in Amani’s podcast series, Chat2Amani, and was recorded during a day of filming for the Channel 4 documentary Tom Parker: Inside My Head.

Like Tom, Amani was diagnosed with a glioblastoma multiforme (GBM) last year. Since her diagnosis, the 23-year-old has campaigned to raise awareness of the need for greater funding for research into brain tumours and better treatment options under the NHS.

During the interview, the pair discussed: facing up to their mortality at a young age; the severe lack of funding for brain tumours; the legacies they hope to leave; the mental resilience required to cope with their diagnoses; and the importance of family and re-evaluating the meaning of life.

Amani said: “Sadly, it often takes a celebrity being affected by an issue to make people stop and listen. I wish it wasn't Tom having to go through this journey as I totally understand how difficult it can be, but far too many people are dying in the UK because the treatment options have not changed in the past 20 years. 

“Many families, like my own, are having to take the medical care of their loved ones into their own hands by raising hundreds of thousands of pounds to seek treatment in Europe or the US. I hope all the major ways that Tom can raise awareness, and in some way my small contribution with this podcast, can help make a change and ultimately save lives.”

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