Why must I raise £274 for a FREE medal?

1 min read

The reason we ask you to raise £274 or more to receive a medal is because that figure represents 10% of the cost of a day’s research at one of our Brain Tumour Research Centres of Excellence, which is an amazing achievement.

As a charity, we have to be careful where we invest our supporters’ money so we can maximise funds for the vital research that is needed. In this instance, we are giving away an emoji t-shirt and printed tracker, which have a variety of costs associated, and so it is not possible to give away a medal as well at this time. We really appreciate all of the effort our supporters are putting in right now, particularly in the current climate. It’s a difficult time for everyone – including charities – and we do really appreciate any donations we receive whatever their value.

People taking part in this challenge are already raising £274 on their Facebook Fundraiser so it can be achieved and many have gone on to exceed that target too! We will begin sending out the FREE special medals in batches in December to those who have achieved £274 on their Facebook Fundraiser and signed up correctly. 

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