Cause-related Marketing

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Cause-related marketing is a great way to link your brand or product with our charity and increase sales and customer engagement.

After losing several family members to brain tumours, founders of the ethical hat brand KuSan were inspired to design two special bobble hats knitted in our brand colours to add to their range, along with a selection of branded bobble hat keyrings.

Brain tumours are indiscriminate and can affect anyone at any age, and sadly the disease has been really prevalent in our close family. Over the last 20 years, three of our relatives have died from brain tumours.

“Seeing the devastation that the disease causes was our inspiration and, as we specialise in hats, it made sense to support Brain Tumour Research in this way. The bobble hats are a stylish way to contribute to a really important cause and we hope we can raise a significant amount for the charity.” – Sandra Fritzsch

For further information please contact Matt Howorth directly on or by calling 07494 726560

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