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 by Lizzie Massey

April boasts one of the largest charity fundraising events of the year; the TCS London Marathon.

More than 80 people completed the 26.2-mile feat for Brain Tumour Research, and so many had moving reasons for running.

Katy Nickless (pictured left) with Carly Beasley on BBC News

Among them was Katy Nickless, who was featured on the BBC News homepage after running for one of her best friends, Carly Beasley.

Ms Beasley, a new mum, required an operation to remove part of her brain tumour but it left her unable to speak. However, she defied doctors’ expectations and within a month she was able to form words once more, and since then has come on leaps and bounds.

There was also the story of Danielle Epstein who ran for her best friend, and former fiancé, Jelle Fresen. His terminal brain tumour diagnosis took its toll on their relationship and affected Danielle’s mental health so they decided to separate, but she has continued to support him through his treatment.

Jelle and Danielle in The Telegraph ahead of her 26.2 challenge

Aware there may be strong views about her decision to leave Jelle, Danielle nonetheless decided to share her story in the hope of helping others in a similar position.

Her story appeared in more than 80 publications, including The Telegraph and The Daily Mail. After some cruel comments online, she opted to boycott the London race and run the marathon virtually, with Jelle there to cheer her on. She raised more than £15,000

April also saw the launch of the Hat Auction, in collaboration with the Jockey Club and The British Hat Guild, which was featured in a double-page spread in the Daily Mail and an article on the Mail Online.

A selection of 22 bespoke hats will be displayed at an exhibition – Crowning Glory: A Milliners’ Celebration Of All The King’s Colours – over the Coronation weekend at the QIPCO Guineas Festival at Newmarket racecourse in Suffolk.

Richard, with his two girls, in The Express

As always, the moving and inspirational stories from our supporters and brain tumour patients formed a large part of our media coverage this month.

One of those was the story of Richard Brown, a Surrey dad who was diagnosed with a glioblastoma (GBM) at the same time as his young daughter Mabel was battling leukaemia. This appeared in a number of nationals, inducing the Daily Express.

Fortunately, thanks to advances in research, Mabel’s received effective treatment and has since remained cancer free. However, the family is now having to fundraise for treatment options and trials abroad for Richard, as he has exhausted NHS care.

The Lanciano family were determined to do everything possible to help Neil, in The Mirror

In an interesting and inspiring tale, we spoke to Hayley Lanciano, whose husband Neil was given just weeks to live after received all possible NHS care for his GBM.

Refusing to give up, Hayley sourced illegal cannabis oil from the internet and Neil’s tumours shrank, he regained his ability to walk, his quality of live drastically improved and he lived another two years.

This ran in various publications including the Mail Online and the Mirror.

Mark is taking on 200-mile running feat in South Wales, in The Independent

Finally we bring you Mark O'Meara, a trucker who forgot how to drive at the wheel, in The Independent. He lost sensation down his right side and immediately had to pull over and call 999.

An MRI scan revealed a tumour which had to be operated on. He is no longer allowed to drive, but he is taking on fundraising challenges for Brain Tumour Research.

We’re already looking forward to sharing our May highlights with you. The month is off to a great start with Jog 26.2 Miles In May challenge. We also have firewalks and upcoming Jump for Hope skydives which you can get involved in. To find our more, or sign up for one of our many events click here.

We are grateful to all the supporters who work with Brain Tumour Research to help raise awareness of this devastating disease. If you would like to share your story, please contact our dedicated PR team to see how we may be able to help:

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