Sponsor a day

When you sponsor a day of research, you are helping us get closer to a cure for brain tumours. 

Each of our Research Centres of Excellence needs £1 million a year to sustain the vital discovery research so desperately needed . 

That is £2,740 every day, per Centre.  

Each time you raise (or donate) £2,740, you can sponsor a day of research.   

Sponsoring a day of research in this way will make a real difference for brain tumour patients, offering new hope by helping accelerate crucial research and improving outcomes in the future. 

Walls of Hope 

Each Centre of Excellence has a unique Brain Tumour Research Wall of Hope, representing the years of research being funded there. 

These striking and impactful Walls of Hope feature giant microscopy imagery of brain tumour cells, created as part of the research team’s crucial work at each of the laboratories. 

This kind of imaging is essential for examining the behaviour of different tumour types and for testing the efficacy of various drugs on killing brain cancer cells.   

How does Sponsor a Day work? 

To celebrate your fundraising achievements or in response to your donation, you can create your own special tile to be placed on a Wall of Hope at one of our Research Centres. 

Tiles placed on the Walls of Hope gradually fill up each year to show how all our wonderful supporters and donors are helping eradicate brain tumours. Those who have inspired your fundraising are recognised on the Wall of Hope with a lasting tribute.  

Placing tiles on the Wall of Hope 

Your tiles will be placed on one of our Walls of Hope. We will send you photographs of your tile or tiles in situ and we will also create a duplicate tile for you to keep as a memento of your incredible contribution.

Your business could sponsor multiple days of research 

Organisations that fundraise for us often set challenging fundraising targets so they can sponsor multiple days of research. 

We are hugely grateful for the support of all our Corporate Partners, working with us as their chosen charity of the month, year or longer! 

Your tiles will carry your organisation's logo and the name of the person who inspired your fundraising. 

Visiting the Labs 

Each of our Centres of Excellence host up to two lab tours each year. This is an opportunity for supporters to visit the lab and learn more about the science and research conducted in each institute.  

Places at these events are highly sought after and allocated on a first come basis. Due to the number of people who want to attend, we must restrict groups to two people per family. No children are allowed in the labs. 

Our researchers say thank you for sponsoring days of research 

For every day of research sponsored, you are helping the vital work of our dedicated team of expert researchers and support staff at our Centres of Excellence. Their tireless efforts to understand more about brain tumours and find new ways to combat them is reliant on essential day-to-day materials used in the labs. Your fundraising and donations could help pay for these, getting us closer to a cure.  

If you have any questions about sponsoring a day, please contact Carol Robertson who will advise you further.  

You can also donate £2,740 today (plus the transaction fee if you want to cover those costs as well) to immediately earn your Wall of Hope tile. Make sure you include all your contact details with your donation so our team can follow up with you about your tile.