Tay’s Tribe

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Tay's Tribe

Tay’s Tribe has been set up by the parents of Taylan Kurtul after they lost their six-year-old son to an aggressive medulloblastoma in February 2024, just over eight months after diagnosis. Like around 25% of children with medulloblastoma, Taylan suffered posterior fossa syndrome after surgery (a collection of neurological symptoms) which in his case included being unable to sit up, walk or eat, visual problems and, most upsettingly, losing the ability to speak.

As treatment failed to stop progression, Laura and Toygun decided to stop all chemotherapy as they felt it was unfair for Taylan to keep fighting.

They are now focused on honouring Taylan, keeping his name alive and funding research to help improve outcomes for patients and their families affected by this devastating disease.

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