Teen’s puzzling challenge

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A teenager is creating flags of the world out of Rubik’s cubes and raising funds in memory of her uncle who died of a brain tumour.  

Having taken up the puzzle hobby during lockdown, Mimi Kaufmann is now able to solve a Rubik’s cube in less than 26 seconds. She is now part-way through a year-long challenge which that will see her create 198 flags of the world out of mini Rubik’s cubes, to raise funds for Brain Tumour Research. 

Mimi’s fundraising is inspired by her uncle, David Goldschmidt, who was diagnosed with a glioblastoma (GBM) in September 2012. David underwent debulking surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy, and even travelled to Germany for treatment, but died in October 2013, aged 51. 

Mimi has already created 79 flags for her challenge and is well on her way to achieving her £2,740 fundraising target. She said: “I think I’d feel really accomplished if I did that.” 

Mum, Aviva Goldschmidt Kaufmann, said: “I know someone whose father had a GBM 25 years ago before David and there really hasn’t been any breakthroughs in treating the disease since then. That’s why I’m so keen to support Brain Tumour Research. 

“Knowing there’s so little that can be done for brain tumours is frustrating considering the advances that have been made in medicine for other cancers. We need to wipe out this horrible disease.” 

Support Mimi’s fundraising by donating via her JustGiving page

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