Remembering Dale Barclay lost five years ago

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Today our thoughts are with all who mourn the loss of Dale Barclay, and especially his wife Laura, as they mark the fifth anniversary of his passing.

Dale was a lead vocalist and musician, well-known on the alternative music scene, especially in his home city of Glasgow. He suffered several seizures, excruciating headaches and vomiting, which led to his diagnosis with a glioblastoma (GBM). He underwent surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy and enjoyed a few months when his condition remained stable, but then an MRI revealed regrowth. Dale turned down further surgery on the NHS, opting for a private craniotomy. Tragically he died just a few days later, aged 32, on 25th September 2018.

Laura, also a musician, had met Dale a little under seven years earlier. They went on to work together in the same band, and of course marry, and were so close it felt like they were “almost joined at the hip at times”.

Laura said: “It’s still so hard to listen to the music we both loved; Dale is everywhere, in every song, decision and challenge. He led the way and taught me so much. I have incredible memories and so much to be grateful for. I try to focus my thoughts there.”

We are grateful to Laura for setting up the Dale Barclay Fund to raise awareness and funding for research and to create a legacy for her beloved husband.

To make a donation in Dale’s memory go to

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