Pirates gang up for fundraising island adventure

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A crew of charitable pirates has stormed the Isle of Wight, raising vital funds to help make brain tumours walk the plank. 

Ten Surrey friends toured the island’s inns and eateries dressed as pirates last weekend (21st-22nd October) to raise money for Brain Tumour Research, each one also donating to the cause. 

It was inspired by one of their shipmates who was diagnosed with a brain tumour 10 years ago. The gang’s captain, Steve Usher, explained: “He had to wear a post-op eyepatch as his vision was badly affected and became shy about going out. 

“We weren’t going to let him wallow for long and told him not to lose his sense of humour. To get him over it, we press-ganged him to the Isle of Wight for a fancy dress pirate weekend, seafarer’s logic leading us to believe he wouldn’t stand out if we were all wearing eyepatches.” 

The band of pals now returns every year in full pirate regalia, with landlubber islanders coming out to see them and pose for photos. Steve said the trip has become a “celebration” of their friend’s ongoing recovery. 

He added: “We recognise how fortunate we are to still have our friend with us a decade after his shock brain tumour diagnosis and know there are many others who do not survive as long. The only way this will change is by investing more money in research, which is why we’re so keen to support Brain Tumour Research.” 

To top up Steve’s fundraising treasure chest, please donate by clicking here.  

Shiver me timbers! Steve and his crew have raised more than £800 so far 


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