New partnership to improve access to brain tumour clinical trials

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A new collaboration announced today will help provide brain tumour patients and physicians with accurate information about clinical trials in a bid to improve patient access.

There are more than 80,000 people living with a brain tumour in the UK, yet only 12% of patients survive beyond five years of their diagnosis, making clear routes to the right treatment options crucial. Increased participation of adult and paediatric brain tumour patients in clinical trials – often difficult to access – is one of the six key points outlined in our Manifesto 2024, launched at Westminster last month.

Now, our sister charity, brainstrust, which offers support to patients and families living with a brain tumour, has partnered with myTomorrows, a digital platform that helps patients and doctors discover and access treatments.

Under the new partnership, people with brain tumours will be equipped with the means to bolster their knowledge of relevant treatment options, potentially extending to participation in clinical trials and access to pre-approval drugs. Moreover, the partnership provides a new layer of support to clinicians in their efforts to recruit patients to relevant clinical trials.

The free support service will pair patients with a trained myTomorrows patient navigator, who will act as a single point of contact to provide a personalised overview of clinical trial options.

Helen Bulbeck, Director of Policy and Services at brainstrust, said: “This is a very helpful and meaningful collaboration for the brain tumour community. This partnership means that people can build on the confidence and focus they have gained through their coaching with brainstrust and apply it to securing access to tangible options with the support of myTomorrows. People can be assured that they have turned every stone on their brain tumour journey and that they are working towards their best possible outcome.”

For more information visit the brainstrust website and to access support navigating brain tumour trials visit myTomorrows.

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