Hundreds walk in hope of a cure

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 by Alexa Davies

Hundreds of supporters stepped forward for our Walk of Hope to help find a cure for brain tumours.

One of our flagship fundraisers, Walk of Hope takes place every September. Having ‘gone virtual’ due to COVID-19 restrictions, we were excited to welcome supporters back to walks hosted by Brain Tumour Research for the first time since 2019, as well cheering on those supporters who organised their own walks. And with the sun shining, it really was a special occasion.

Luton saw our biggest walk, where hundreds of people (and their furry friends) gathered in Wardown Park for the town’s second ever Walk of Hope. Organised by the families of Amani Liaquat and George Fox, both of whom died from a glioblastoma (GBM), attendees were encouraged to wear something purple and something red in honour of these young lives lost to brain tumours.

Amongst the participants was Farzana Chaudhry, a presenter at BBC Three Counties Radio. She lost her father Asmat to a GBM in 2013 and spoke about the walk on her radio show (listen here from one hour and eight minutes).

In Stockport, Navendu Mishra MP said he was “honoured” to cut the ribbon to start our 5km Walk of Hope through Woodbank Park.

One of those taking part was Daniel, who was walking in honour of his mum, Jennifer, who died from a GBM in July. Speaking to ITV Granada on the day, he said: “It’s a cancer and then so much more on top. The way it affects the patient and the family psychologically, physically and emotionally, it’s brutal. It’s absolutely barbaric.”

Meanwhile, closer to Brain Tumour Research’s home, acoustic neuroma patient Liz was accompanied by husband Shaun and youngest daughter Jocelyn on our Grand Union Canal walk.

Liz, Shaun and Jocelyn crossing a lock

Walkers at our Grand Union Canal Walk of Hope

In Leicestershire, Ross joined the team walking four miles through Bradgate Park in Leicestershire inspired by his friend of 15 years, Andi, who was diagnosed with a GBM in January 2020.

Leicester Walk of Hope underway

Our Community Development Manager, Matthew Price, who led the scenic walk spoke to BBC Radio Leicester about the occasion. He said: “It was an enjoyable walk, but a very emotional walk as well. It makes me incredibly proud to be a part of Brain Tumour Research.”

Lots of supporter joined our walk through Bradgate Park

In addition to these organised walks (and more!) there were also supporters doing DIY walks across the UK. Like Jo, who took to the country lanes of Ludlow along with her husband Mark, step-daughters Chelsea, Teigan and Evie, and cocker spaniel Fern (pictured below). Jo has been diagnosed with a GBM and said the walk was to help the family “make memories”.

And if you couldn’t take part on Saturday, supporters could (and still can) do a walk any day that suits you. Pam, along with 15 of her family and friends, climbed Ben More in the Inner Hebrides for their Walk of Hope on Saturday 10th September. Their mountain challenge was inspired by the death of Pam’s husband Angus who died from an anaplastic astrocytoma in September 2017.

Pam said: “I love the Walk of Hope because Brain Tumour Research is so close to my heart. Because Angus took so long to be diagnosed, I want to help others in similar situations by improving awareness, diagnoses, and outcomes.

“It was such a special day, the day after Angus’s birthday, and we took his drink of choice – vodka and lemonade – with us so we could say cheers to him.”

At the top of Ben More

If you took part in Walk of Hope, thank you. We hope you had an amazing time and feel proud knowing that your efforts will help us get closer to a cure for brain tumours.

If you raised any funds offline or collected donations on the day, please now pay these in by clicking here.

There’s still time to get involved

If you didn’t take part at the weekend, you can still get involved by doing your own Walk of Hope any day that suits you. Plan your route, set up your fundraising page and get your family and friends involved too.

Just let us know if you’d like to take part by filling in the short form on our website here or emailing  

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