General Election announced for 4th July

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With today’s news that a General Election will take place on Thursday 4th July, we’re asking our supporters to help us ensure brain tumour remain high on the political agenda.

Our Head of Stakeholder Relations Hugh Adams said: “At this time, we have a great opportunity to come together as the Brain Tumour Research community and use our collective voice to draw attention to the issues that matter to us namely the need to do things differently if we are to improve options and outcomes for UK brain tumour patients. 

“This is not about party politics, but making sure those who want to represent us in the next Parliament hear loud and clear that their constituents want action on the biggest cancer killer of children and adults under the age of 40.  

“I am calling for our campaigners and our supporters keen to campaign for change to be ready to contact their Prospective Parliamentary Candidates (PPCs) and canvas their support for the commitments as set out in our ‘It Is Time To Do Things Differently’ manifesto.”  

To provide support for our campaigners over the coming weeks we will soon be launching a page on our website dedicated to the General Election.

For now, please make sure that you have a copy of our manifesto by your door ready for when the PPCs come knocking.

Ask them to pledge their support for declaring brain tumours a clinical priority and get a photo of them with our manifesto.

Contact to get a copy of the manifesto posted to you, or you can download it, and remember to send us details of any PPCs who pledge support.

We look forward to working with them when they arrive at Westminster.

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