Couple's puzzling fundraiser to help find brain tumour cure

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The son of a man who passed away from brain cancer has devised a series of puzzles which are being sold to help fund vital research into the disease.  

Josh Kaiser and his partner Clare Stead, both 32, based in Windsor, came up with Scandalous Hunts as a distraction whilst Josh’s father, Eugen Kaiser, was receiving treatment for a glioblastoma (GBM) in May 2022.  

Despite treatment, the grandfather-of-two passed away in November 2023 at the age of 67.  

Daughter in-law, Clare, said: “We were all in shock with Eugen’s life-limiting diagnosis. He was very much the patriarch of the family and achieved so much in his life, we thought of him as being invincible.”  

Motivated to honour Eugen’s legacy, Clare and Josh came up with a series of 500-piece puzzles which depict satirical scenes whereby, once completed, headlines can be matched to scenes in the picture.  

Clare said: “It started as a way of distracting ourselves from what was going on and allowed us to talk about something else other than brain cancer.”  

The couple are donating all proceeds from sales of the puzzles to Brain Tumour Research to help find a cure. 

To view the range of puzzles available or to make a donation to Brain Tumour Research directly, please visit:   

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