UK brain tumour clinical trial launched

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UK-based healthcare startup, Pear Bio, has launched an observational clinical trial in the UK for primary brain tumour patients to assess the use of a unique drug testing system.

The clinical trial, known as PEAR-GLIO, has been set up to assess the feasibility of a treatment-response platform. The platform has been developed to simultaneously test a variety of treatments on patient glioma brain tumour samples in order to work out which drugs work and which do not.

If successful, a testing platform like this could support patient and clinician decision-making processes by providing personalised information about which drugs are effective on a patient’s tumour. Everyone’s cancer is unique and responds differently to treatment, accurately eliminating drugs (or drug combinations) that do not work before treatment even starts will leave patients and clinicians with fewer, but more effective options.

The trial, which is taking place at centres across the UK, is in the process of recruiting up to 50 patients with primary brain tumours who are undergoing surgery. For more information about the trial, or to determine if you are eligible to enrol, contact  

Pear Bio is a computation biology company that has developed a functional precision medicine platform to optimise cancer care and drug development. Chief Investigator of the trial is Dr Matt Williams, lead on Brain Tumour Research’s WISTERIAN project for glioblastoma tumours.

 Photo of Dr Matt Williams, Chief Investigator of PEAR-GLIO trial

 Dr Matt Williams, Chief Investigator of the PEAR-GLIO trial

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