Welcoming a new Fundraising Group to our family

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Siblings who lost their “loving” mum Elly to a glioblastoma (GBM) 14 months after her diagnosis, have set up a Fundraising Group known as Elly’s Herd.

Pete Monaghan, (pictured above with Elly) and his sister Laura Davie were concerned when Elly, a mum of three and a grandmother of six, started slurring her words and sounding very confused. She was admitted to hospital where a scan showed she had suffered a bleed on the brain caused by a brain tumour.

Elly underwent surgery followed by radiotherapy and chemotherapy treatment, but just one and a half cycles into her chemo, Elly’s white platelet levels dropped so low the family were told that her treatment had to stop because her body was unable to cope.

Pete said: “It was so frustrating because Mum seemed quite well in herself. And then devastating to hear that there were no other treatment options she could turn to.”

Having signed up to the charity’s 100 a Day Your Way in November challenge last year and raising more than £2,300, Pete was inspired to set up a Fundraising Group to create a legacy for his mum.

Both Pete and Laura (pictured above right with work colleague Emma Street) are now looking forward to Wear A Hat Day and have signed up their workplaces to hold fundraising events for Elly’s Herd to help bring about wider treatment options for brain tumour patients – a fitting legacy for Elly.

We extend a big welcome to all who knew and loved Elly.

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