UK to join Horizon Europe under new deal

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Brain Tumour Research welcomes the announcement that the UK is to join Horizon Europe – the world’s largest collaborative research programme. 

Over the past year, Brain Tumour Research has campaigned for UK collaboration in the Horizon Europe scheme. In conversations with Ministers and Shadow Ministers across the UK, we have stressed the importance of the Horizon Europe association and have urged the Government to formalise access to Horizon Europe. 

We are pleased to announce from today, UK researchers will be able to apply for grants and bid to take part in projects under the programme, with certainty that the UK will be participating as a fully-associated member for the remaining life of the programme to 2027. 

Thomas Brayford, our Policy and Public Affairs Manager, says the association with Horizon “is a huge win for brain tumour researchers across the country and allows them to build on years of collaborative research with their European partners. Importantly, it also ensures that the UK remains at the forefront of science and innovation.” 

As part of the new deal negotiated over the last six months, the Prime Minister has secured improved financial terms of association to Horizon Europe that are right for the UK – increasing the benefits to UK scientists, value for money for UK taxpayers, and mitigating the impact that the EU’s delays to our association will have on participation rates of researchers. 

In its announcement, the Government said: “Horizon will give UK companies and research institutions unrivalled opportunities to lead global work to develop new technologies and research projects, in areas from health to AI. This will not only open up cooperation with the EU, but also Norway, New Zealand and Israel which are part of the programme – and countries like Korea and Canada which are looking to join too.” 

Our Director of Research, Policy and Innovation, Dr Karen Noble, welcomed the news, stating: “Today marks an important day and is a move that ends uncertainty for the research community. Moreover, continuing our association with Horizon Europe means more opportunities to deliver much-needed breakthroughs for our brain tumour community through medical research.” 

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