Secretary of State prioritises unblocking funding bottleneck

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Brain Tumour Research was pleased to take part in the Health Charity Showcase 2023 at this week’s Conservative Party Conference. Organised by Hanover Communications, the event showcased the invaluable contribution that health charities make across the patient pathway. 

The Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, Steve Barclay, made a speech at Tuesday’s event and was positive about the future of health in England. He said that medical advances would help bring important changes to the health system and that we needed to “change how we deliver services”.  He said a more holistic approach was needed, given the number of health conditions, adding: “That’s what the Major Conditions Strategy is focusing on. And we have got to make sure that we take people with us.” 

He continued: “We are trying to get more people onto clinical research trials, and I believe the recommendations from the James O’Shaughnessy Review will help to speed things up.” 

The Health Secretary ended by thanking the assembled charities for everything they do. He said: “We would like to work in partnership with you. I think we can all see the need to deliver change given the advances in medicine and the challenges of the backlog. I think the trust you have with the public and the convening power in the Department is the reason why we can do great things together.” 

Brain Tumour Research spoke directly with Mr Barclay along with our charity colleagues at the MND Association. We asked the Secretary of State about the deployment of ring-fenced funding for both disease areas. Mr Barclay stated it was “a priority to unblock this funding bottleneck”.   

Our Policy and Public Affairs Manager Thomas Brayford (pictured in the striped tie with Mr Barclay) said: “We had some good conversations at the conference with Health Minister, Lord Markham, and the Secretary of State about the deployment of the £40 million for brain tumour research. Now we need to see action. Those with life-limiting diseases like brain tumours do not have the luxury of time.” 

We look forward to taking the Health Charity Showcase 2023 to Liverpool and the Labour Party Conference next week. 

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