Mum of four puts best foot forward for a cure

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A woman, who spent four months trying to persuade her GP that her symptoms might be from a brain tumour, is taking part in 10,000 Steps a Day in February.

Jenny Dunlop, mum to four children ranging in age from three to nine, had suffered with headaches ever since she was young, but these became more severe and she started also experiencing strong smells with her eyes streaming, as well as visual disturbances. Jenny went to her GP convinced she had a brain tumour and was referred to a neurologist for migraine.

With her symptoms becoming increasingly more excruciating and her GP unable to speed up the neurologist appointment, Jenny went to see her optician who could see that her optic nerves were inflamed. She was sent to hospital where a CT scan revealed a brain tumour which turned out to be a meningioma.

Five days later Jenny had surgery to remove the whole tumour and went home to recover.

Jenny said: “Physically, I recovered very well but I now have some level of PTSD, I am easily angered and irritated, and I get overwhelmed by loud noises. On bad days I feel sorry for my husband Andy because he essentially gains another child. But these side effects have improved, and, in time, I think they will all fade away.” 

Grateful to be a brain tumour survivor, Jenny, who has already raised more than £650, is lacing up her trainers every day in February with a target to achieve a total of £1,000.

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