Fitness fan Pete’s gruelling 100 a Day challenge

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A man whose brain tumour symptoms were initially misdiagnosed as anxiety attacks is approaching the end of his month-long challenge to help find a cure for the disease. 

Former personal trainer and sports coach, Pete Ansley, has been doing a variety of gruelling fitness challenges as part of his 100 a Day Your Way in November challenge. One of the exercises he devised involved a sled push with 100kg weights for 100 metres whilst others have consisted of 100 gym circuits or 100 boxing punches to pads.  

He has been uploading videos of his daily challenges to his YouTube channel called ‘It’s My Life’, which he created to raise awareness of brain tumours.  

Pete spent months suffering with seizures before finally being diagnosed with a brain tumour in March 2012. He had been told he was suffering from anxiety attacks but a privately-funded MRI scan revealed he had a grade 3 oligoastrocytoma.  

The 41-year-old underwent an awake craniotomy followed by radiotherapy and six cycles of chemotherapy. He remained stable until a scan in 2021 detected worrying cells. Pete had a further 12 cycles of chemotherapy and is now being monitored with six-monthly scans. 

He said: “I’ve had people tell me I’m an inspiration for taking it all in my stride but I’m just living my life as best I can. 

“It did really change after my brain tumour diagnosis. My lack of coordination meant I had to give up football and sport, which was everything to me. I loved playing, training and having a laugh in the changing rooms.  

“I still go to the gym but I can get frustrated sometimes. I am really enjoying this challenge though.” 

To support Pete’s fitness fundraising, please donate via his JustGiving page here. 

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