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On the first Research Appreciation Day, we are celebrating the pioneering researchers at our Brain Tumour Research Centres of Excellence whose vital work will get us closer to a cure for brain tumours.  

This new annual awareness day, which has been launched by MQ Mental Health Research, aims not only to recognise the hard work of health researchers from across disciplines, but also to make the case for more investment in research.  

Dr Karen Noble, our Director of Research, Policy and Innovation, said: “Our mission at Brain Tumour Research is to increase the UK investment in brain tumour research. We cannot overstate how vital research is; it holds the key to a cure for this devastating disease. That’s why we are committed to campaigning to influence governments and larger charities to invest more nationally, and to funding sustainable research across our network of Centres of Excellence.” 

This week, representatives from the charity are in Manchester for the British Neuro-Oncology Society (BNOS) annual conference, which provides those working in neuro-oncolgy in the UK with the chance to meet, learn and share findings. Subscribe to our weekly e-news for an update from the conference later this week and keep an eye on our social media pages for updates too. 

On our blog today, people affected by brain tumours share why it is so important to them to get involved and support research. Click here to read more

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