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One of the most notable moments in October came when our petition closed on Tuesday 31st October 2023 with more than 81,000 signatures in support of our call for increased investment for research into this devastating disease which kills more children and adults under the age of 40 than any other cancer.   

We are grateful to all of our loyal supporters who helped us achieve this impressive total in just six months, including those who shared their stories helping to galvanise thousands of others to add their signatures so that we could achieve this amazing final total. 

Renowned chef, John, had worked in restaurants around the world, alongside the likes of Gordon Ramsay and Raymond Blanc, did private cheffing for celebrity families like the Beckhams and appeared on a host of reality TV shows. His brain tumour symptoms started in December 2014, but it wasn’t until six months later that they were investigated and John was eventually diagnosed with a grade 2 oligodendroglioma. 

Sharing his story, which was on the BBC and Mirror Online, John said: “I’m a big advocate of the need for greater investment in brain tumour research. We need to bring the survival rates for brain tumour patients in line with that of other cancers, like breast cancer, which has received a much higher level of investment to get it to where it is today.” 

John’s story on the BBC 

Helen’s son, Bailey, was diagnosed with a glioma in January 2019 when he was just seven years old. Since then, two other brain tumours have been detected and Bailey has undergone radiotherapy and chemotherapy. Bailey also has a rare genetic condition which is linked to him having autism, epilepsy, low muscle tone, hypermobility and a visual impairment. 

Interviewed on ITV Calendar and BBC Radio Humberside, Helen spoke about her anger at the lack of investment in research into brain tumours. She also shared more about her fundraising for brain tumours and why she is one of hundreds of amazing supporters taking on the 100 a Day Your Way in November challenge for us. 

Helen and Bailey were interviewed on ITV Calendar 

Kim is joining Helen for the 100 a Day challenge to mark what would have been her daughter Ellie’s 16th birthday. Ellie was just 14 when her family were given the devastating news that she had a diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma (DIPG) in 2022. She died just six months after she was diagnosed. 

Ellie was just 14 when she died 

Now Ellie’s legacy is helping to raise awareness of this cruel disease with her story shared widely, including in the Daily Express and The Sun, and her mum is raising funds to help fund vital research to find a cure for the disease. 

Kim said: “Ellie inspired a lot of people in her short life. Staff who cared for her, friends and family. I’m doing this challenge for her and to keep her spirit alive in the hope that other families don’t have to experience the heartbreak that I have.” 

Skipping her way through November is Lauren Papadopoulos Green, who turned to TikTok to document her brain tumour journey as a way to cope after she received the “traumatic” news that, 10 years after she had undergone surgery to remove the schwannoma, the tumour had regrown. 

Lauren ready for her skipping challenge 

The 28-year-old spoke to ITV London about her Skip 10 Minutes Every Day in November challenge and her interview inspired fellow supporter Susan-Lee to sign up to the challenge too! 

Susan-Lee said: “She’s so lovely and pretty and seeing her, and hearing about how her tumour’s come back, brought a tear my eye. My mum has two brain tumours so it’s quite close to me as well.” 

Susan-Lee signed up inspired by Lauren’s story 

That’s just a handful of the incredible supporters who have been in the headlines recently. We’ve also had some adrenaline-seeking abseilers, a crew of fundraising pirates on the radio, a young supporter with a truly splashing swim challenge, and many more! 

With our November challenges underway, Wear A Christmas Hat Day on the horizon and, of course, the festive season fast-approaching, we’re already look forward to sharing our media highlights from November with you. 

We are grateful to all the supporters who work with Brain Tumour Research to help raise awareness of this devastating disease. If you would like to share your story, please contact our dedicated PR team to see how we may be able to help:  

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