Award recognition for fantastic fundraiser

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A mum who lost her son to a brain tumour has won an award for her fundraising to help find a cure for the disease.

Nikki Treharne received the Fundraiser Award at BBC Berkshire’s Make a Difference Awards in recognition of her support of Brain Tumour Research.

Along with family and friends, Nikki has raised tens of thousands of pounds for Brain Tumour Research through events which have included a star-studded celebrity football match and an adrenaline-fuelled skydive.

Nikki’s fundraising is inspired by her son, Ethan, who was diagnosed with a glioblastoma (GBM) at the age of 15. Over the course of two years, he had three operations and developed epilepsy as a result of treatment for the tumour. Desperate to save their son, Nikki and her husband Justin found treatment trials taking them to Germany and London.

Sadly, the tumour was too aggressive. Ethan died at home on 26th November 2021, aged 17.

Nikki (pictured left, receiving her award) said: “It was such a shock to win the award but very lovely and an emotional evening. I’ve had an outpouring of comments on social media, sharing their congratulations. My hope is that by winning this award, it has brought brain tumours more into the spotlight and given me a platform to speak about Ethan.

“I’m even more committed to raising awareness and continuing to drive forward with the need for more funding for research.”

To donate to Brain Tumour Research in Ethan’s memory, please click here and quote ‘Ethan Treharne’ as your inspiration.

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