Andi's Army

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Championing the fight against brain tumours and raising thousands for our cause, helping us build network of experts in sustainable research at dedicated Centres of Excellence and supporting us as we influence the Government and larger cancer charities to invest more nationally.

Andi's Army

Andi Peel was a really fit man, always going to the gym or playing basketball. He started getting headaches in August 2019, but wasn’t diagnosed with a glioblastoma (GBM) until January 2020. He underwent surgery and radiotherapy and chemotherapy but the treatment affected his eyesight and Andi eventually becoming totally blind. After a massive seizure in July 2021, Andi was bedbound, but still maintained his sense of humour. His bravery and mental strength were totally inspiring and he fought so hard, but nothing could save him and Andi died in January 2023, aged 30, after a three-year battle.

Andi raised funds for the charity while he could which led to his family setting up this Fundraising Group to keep Andi’s memory alive and continue his legacy while funding research to bring hope to families in the future whose loved ones are diagnosed with a brain tumour.

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