Your legacy could help find a cure

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This week is Remember A Charity Week in the UK, giving charities the chance to share with supporters what a difference a gift in their will could make. 

In 2022 almost 16% of wills processed included a gift to charity and conservative estimates predict that the final legacy income figure for 2022 will sit at around £3.5 billion. 

With one in three people knowing someone affected by this devastating disease and with brain tumours continuing to kill more children and adults under the age of 40 than any other cancer, the need for sustained funding of our research is more important now than ever. 

Leaving a gift to charity in your will is one of the best ways to protect the causes you care about. Not only can your legacy look after your loved ones after you are gone, it could help to transform the future of brain tumour research. 

Your legacy could help to ensure the sustainability of our research programmes enabling continuous research, bringing hope of better treatments and outcomes for future families. It could support our campaigning for greater investment, helping to achieve parity with better funded cancers such as breast and leukaemia. 

Russell Marriott, our Director of Income Generation and Development, said: “With 60% of UK adults not having a valid will in place, we are asking our supporters to consider what a difference a gift in your will – no matter how large or small – could make. 

“We’ve teamed up with the National Free Wills Network to provide our supporters with the opportunity to have a simple and uncomplicated will written for free via a local solicitor in their area. There is no obligation to leave a gift to Brain Tumour Research when using this service, however, we would be extremely grateful if you would consider a gift to help sustain our vital work.” 

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