Brain tumour patient supports our Advent Appeal

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A woman who recently learned the brain tumour she was treated for a decade ago has returned is urging everyone to help save the lives of people like her by taking part in our Advent Appeal. 

Lauren Papadopoulos Green, who is behind door 13, was diagnosed with a schwannoma days after her 18th birthday in February 2013.  

For weeks she had been experiencing arm spasms, weight loss and fainting episodes, but it was only after she lost complete sensation in her right arm that she became concerned enough to go and see a GP. 

Lauren, from Surrey, underwent surgery, after which she had to relearn how to walk and use her arms. She remained stable until a scan in January revealed her tumour had regrown. 

Currently experiencing a worrying increase in her brain tumour symptoms, Lauren has shared her story to remind people why research into the disease is so important. 

The social media executive, who took part in our Skip 10 Minutes a Day challenge last month, raising more than £1,000, said: “I’m in my 20s and don’t look like I have a disability, but this disease is indiscriminate and can affect anyone at any time.  

“I would urge everyone to support the Brain Tumour Research Advent Appeal because they could just as easily find themselves in the same situation as patients like me. We need to find a cure before more innocent people lose their lives.” 

Open door 13 of our Advent Calendar to watch Lauren’s message: 

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