Wolf Run to remember Andi

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Andi Peel – the inspiration for our Fundraising Group Andi’s Army – was remembered last month when Scarlett Laffar and her friend Beth Pallatt (both pictured below) took on a Summer Wolf Run.

Andi’s mum Linda is Scarlett’s godmother and both their families are very close, with Scarlett’s brother Tyler a very similar age to Andi and the pair growing up together.

The Wolf Run entailed conquering obstacles, water and lots of mud and, although the pair signed up for the 5k race, they “took a wrong turn and ended up doing the full 10K”.

Scarlett said: “Wolf Run was absolutely exhausting, but it was so much fun too.

“It was so shocking that Andi was diagnosed with something for which, even in this day and age, there is no cure.”

Andi was diagnosed with a deadly glioblastoma (GBM) in January 2020 and underwent surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy. The treatment affected his eyesight and Andi eventually became totally blind. After a massive seizure in July 2021, Andi was bedbound. He died in January 2023 after a three-year battle.

Thanks to Scarlett and Beth’s epic endurance challenge, almost £650 was raised for Andi’s Army.

But there’s still time to add your donation here www.justgiving.com/page/scarlett-laffar-inmemoryofatruelegend

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